Cowes Week: survived

I’ve made it through Cowes Week in one piece and with that, the last activity related barrier to Trilleen’s departure Round Britain and Ireland has been cleared. This Cowes Week with the Andrew Cassell Foudation has been inspiring and exhausting in equal measure, much as last years was, except this year I was skippering and suddenly responsible for four people, and a boat, in a fleet of 18 others.

I’d like to thank everyone who has already given to this Crowdfunder. Your support is already making it easier to get more disabled people sailing sooner.

The inspirational aspect of Cowes Week for me is down to seeing what the mentoring and training with the Foundation can achieve, and how far winter’s work and some summer training can get non sailors or long lapsed sailors, towards a sufficient degree of competence to race competitively in Cowes Week. This amazing work is what stimulates me to take Trilleen on a long slow solo trip round the UK and Ireland raising awareness of the Andrew Cassel Foundation. As many of you will know I’m also hoping to raise funds for the Foundation in a way that will help us to get more disabled people sailing in Sonar’s on equal terms.

I’m now in the throws of the last frenetic preparations to get my passage underway. I knew expedition planning was complex, but expedition planning with a disability is a whole new level of stupid.

My ideal is to carry as much of the kit I will need for the trip round Ireland on board before I start. That means storing Trilleen with medical kit for 90 days, and food for 60 days. The difference comes down to the fact that it is possible to get hold of food along the south coast of England fairly easily but arranging medical supplies is a lot more complex. I am very grateful to my logistics partners Board Games Extra who are standing by to mail stuff to me if I need it.

I’ll be planning to make more regular updates from now on and the tracking page for Trilleen will be going live soon. Trilleen should also be visible on AIS for those of your with apps or receivers. Her name is TRILLEEN Solo Sailor and her MMSI is 232033736. Please do look me up if you are nearby.