The dark of night

Clear nights at sea fall as a diamond studded cloak over dusk. Planets and the navigation stars first among the revealed then the lesser lights before the great galactic smear of the Milky Way oozes into vision. The privilege of being a disabled person free to sail, to venture out into the wild, was never … Read more

From Galway Bay to Islay 

A 245 mile sail from Rossaveal, Galway Bay to Islay, Scotland, completed Trilleen’s passage round the west of Ireland. It’s good to have that bit of sailing finished before the weather closes down for the winter.   Trilleen and I had been loitering in Rossaveal on the north coast of Galway Bay for a few days … Read more

Round the Fastnet, to Galway

Trilleen’s log: 13 September 2022 After many days wind bound in Kinsale waiting for the passage of a fairly horrible depression, during which I was royally looked after by Kinsale Yacht Club and got to participate in one of their excellent Sailability activity days – I ventured out round the corner and turned towards the … Read more

A drift past Eddystone to Falmouth

Grinning man with balding head wearing black framed glasses and a lifejacket looks straight into camera with clear blue eyes

Trilleen’s log: 26 August 2022 Trilleen and I left Plymouth with decidedly mixed meteorological models. The theory was that about lunchtime a light but strengthening North Easterly would come in. So we started out from the marina with zero wind, dreadful visibility and rain, for a kedge or temporary anchorage in Cawssand Bay, a well … Read more

A small smash to windward

Shows a yellow and brown headland in the centre of the image. The image is divided into thirds. Deep cumulous cloud in a blue sky in the upper third, the headland in the centre and a blue quietly rippled sea in the lower third

Trilleen’s log: 19 August 2022 Trilleen slipped out of Torbay into a blizzard of yacht racing in the bay. Unavoidably my track took me across the race course, so there was a a lot of stopping, luffing up, and generally trying to avoid impeding the first day of The Royal Torbay Yacht Club Regatta. The … Read more

D-3 Sailing times confirmed

Ian is at the top of Trilleen's mast. He is wearing a orange helmet which stands out against a bright blue sky.

I’m at D-3 for departure round the UK and Ireland supporting the Andrew Cassell Foundation. It’s all getting very real very quickly now. I never thought that I’d manage to climb a mast again, but with the help of some trainers in Yorkshire, and the encouragement and mentoring of the Andrew Cassell Foundation I succeeded … Read more

Cowes Week: survived

I’ve made it through Cowes Week in one piece and with that, the last activity related barrier to Trilleen’s departure Round Britain and Ireland has been cleared. This Cowes Week with the Andrew Cassell Foudation has been inspiring and exhausting in equal measure, much as last years was, except this year I was skippering and … Read more

Nearly floating

Trilleen is ready for splash. Refitting older and traditional boats is a perpetual terror. You never know which dawn will reveal critical structural flaws, rot, corroded metal, or simply sheets of veneer falling of the joinery. I’ve been broadly lucky this time with most things going to plan, if not to time. The positive aspects … Read more