Nearly floating

Trilleen is ready for splash. Refitting older and traditional boats is a perpetual terror. You never know which dawn will reveal critical structural flaws, rot, corroded metal, or simply sheets of veneer falling of the joinery. I’ve been broadly lucky this time with most things going to plan, if not to time. The positive aspects … Read more

Squarely supported

The Hyrovane (Windvane) support rig is on the back of the boat. It’s square to the hull, and the bolts are wound up. Whoop. Whoop. Whoop. I can’t explain how amazing it feels to have got to this point, especially on the hottest day of the year. Unfortunately we aren’t going to make it into … Read more

I’ll have a gin with that

Boats are terrible things to be working inside when they are up on the hard and its hot. They turn into little ovens without even the cooling benefit of the ocean around them. Most of today was spent outside though where the heat was a little less bad helping Colin with positioning the steelwork for … Read more

Today is not supported

I was due to be driving a support boat for a classic yacht this morning, but unfortunately the weather is not very summery at the moment and the classic yacht crew were a bit nervous about breaking their amazingly beautiful racing machine as it is a) very beautiful and b) on its way to Switzerland … Read more

Wired: that’s a problem

I’m exhausted. It’s been a sweaty hot day in the boatyard that turned incredibly windy and rainy later, and I’ve been up and down the boatyard ladder to Trilleen’s deck more times than I can count.