Hi I’m Ian Wyllie, Welcome to Sailing Trilleen… I’m stuck in Stornoway – see here.

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About me…

My name is Ian, and I am embarking on a remarkable voyage that is not just about sailing, but about healing and finding a new future. The Round Britain and Ireland challenge has been my path to rehabilitation, thanks in large part to the incredible support of the Andrew Cassell Foundation.

After enduring complications from a spinal injury that left me in a nursing home and in dark place. The Andrew Cassell Foundation was there in the first stages of my rehabilitation, providing the hope and encouragement I needed to begin my journey back to independence.

Refitting Trilleen, my battered 8.3m sailboat was part of my rehabilitation and I set sail on this challenge with her August 2022. Along the way, we faced setbacks, including a mast replacement in October 2023 after a setback when a marina broke my mast… Now, as I navigate the waters of the Clyde (Glasgow), I am working towards the next phase of my journey – north round Shetland and back to Cowes.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference:

Your donation – which I and the Foundation greatly appreciate – directly supports disabled people getting on the water, discovering the maximum they can achieve and enjoying sail racing with and against abled crews in keelboats. You donation promotes rehabilitation, independence, and hope. Join me in turning the tide for more disabled people

Learn More about where Ian and Sailing Trilleen is…

  • Stuck in Stornoway

    Stuck in Stornoway

    What happens when your engine is toast? Trilleen is stopped in Stornoway with a serious defect to her engine. There has been a cascade of failures. I and local engineers think the that the block – the hunk of cast metal which contains the whizzy whooshy bits of the engine has died. Unfortunately my diligent…

  • Pinned in East Loch Roag

    Pinned in East Loch Roag

    Trilleen and I have been pinned in East Loch Roag by a series of weather systems waiting for a passage to Shetland. The meteorology models have offered 25-40kts – at times gusting more than that an 4-6m seas. So I have been exploring some of the loch and spent a week alongside at the shiny…

  • Spooky at St Kilda

    Spooky at St Kilda

    St Kilda is a spooky awesome place, surprisingly large for those of us who normally only see it as a tiny dot on the Admiralty chart. It comes into view as far as 40nm out, rising on the horizon like a fully rigged sailing ship. The sun was setting directly behind the islands and a…

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Solo Round Britain and Ireland

Sailing solo Round Britain and Ireland is one of the biggest sailing challenges available in home waters. I’m doing with disabilities which affect my mood, mobility and continence which make it an even bigger challenge.

I’m sailing in Trilleen, my aged Vancouver 27 who is on a rehabilitation journey of her own, an 8.5m yacht with a long keel making for a stable and safe sailing platform.

Trilleen and I have planning to sail outside the waypoints for the RORC Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race. I began in August 2022 and was due to finish in 2023, but a launching disaster at the Marina Trilleen stayed in over the winter of 2022 / 23 broke her mast and I was unable to sail until October 2023. I then moved Trilleen to the Clyde and I will launch the next phase of my challenge from there in April 2024.

I’ll also be providing disability access advice to waterside locations. Many older people stop sailing because of age acquired disability like arthritis – and young families often find navigating the waterside area with toddlers challenging. Good access benefits everyone…

Can you give to get more disabled people sailing sooner?

Donations are via Crowdfunder which accepts all debit and credit cards. Funds raised go direct to the Andrew Cassell Foundation shortly after you give.

About the Andrew Cassell Foundation

The Andrew Cassell Foundation is a unique charity that helps disabled people reach maximum independence on the water as sailors. Using racing training, advanced coaching and skilled mentoring the Foundation enables and equips people to take up or resume sailing as a sport for life.

The Foundation makes outsize impacts on the lives and rehabilitation journeys of those who participate in its training. In my case it has been a critical part of my returning to independent living.

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