Nearly floating

Trilleen is ready for splash. Refitting older and traditional boats is a perpetual terror. You never know which dawn will reveal critical structural flaws, rot, corroded metal, or simply sheets of veneer falling of the joinery. I’ve been broadly lucky this time with most things going to plan, if not to time. The positive aspects of the various delays to progress on the primary refit, are that a lot of liveability and smaller job got satisfactorily finished, and I got to focus my sailing on achieving with the Andrew Cassell Foundation and preparing myself to be a more effective helm of their Sonar keelboats.

Today has been a day of screwing trim back on, cleaning the boat through (something, I’ll have to repeat, as once is never enough) and starting to plan to process of reloading stores, almost all of which were disembarked at the start of the refit.