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Sailing solo round the UK and Ireland
to raise funds for the Andrew Cassell Foundation

Associate your brand with positivity and altruism

The Foundation work to help disabled people become the most independent sailors possible. This often proves transformational in all areas of participants’ lives. Ian’s story of recovery from serious health challenges secondary to a spinal injury and seven years in a nursing home illustrates this. It is a positive story which associated with altruism as Ian now pays it forward by raising funds for the Foundation which helped him so much, in order that it can help more disabled people.

Sponsorship opportunities

Ian’s sail Round Britain and Ireland raising funds for the Andrew Cassell Foundation has opportunities for sponsors to support his objective of helping the Andrew Cassell Foundation.

Sponsorship will expose your brand around the UK and Irish coast over a 12 month period, as well as associated social media posts and local media articles. There are options for branding some or all of: communications, boat hull or flags, clothing and other event related material. Because this trip also functions as a roadshow for the Andrew Cassell Foundation as it plans to increase the number of disabled people it helps, sponsors can be reassured that Trilleen will be travelling to as many ports as possible and not merely those few central to a circumnavigation.

Sailing Press

’Ive found that in the longer passages I enter a peculiar, almost mediative state of calm where I only have to worry about sail trim, micro sleeping, and feeding myself. The fading of contact with the land and the concerns it bears as distance off increases is a wonderful experience. I find it rewards my soul in the same way as walking and climbing in the mountains did before my injury put a stop to all that. Disabled folks are so often deprived of access to the wilderness, but off the west coast of Ireland I discovered that Trilleen has become a vehicle which can float me into some of the wildest places on earth.

Ian Wyllie – guest editorial

The sailing videos in particular are beautifully shot, by turns poetic, enlightening and informative.

Kass Schmitt

Wider media

“I find moving around quite tricky but on a small boat like this, everything is within arm’s reach and there are not any big open spaces which means I am able to get around more easily than on land” … He wants to encourage people to push themselves outside their comfort zone. He added: “This doesn’t seem like a sensible thing for someone like me to do, but I think it is far too easy for disabled people to be hemmed in by assumptions and expectations.”.

Ian Wyllie on Clyde Radio

The assistant Harbourmaster said “We are very proud to play a part in Ian’s solo sail around Britain and Ireland, albeit a small part. “It has been fantastic having Ian at Kip Marina with Trilleen and was very interesting to speak with him and get an insight into what he is planning to achieve.

Daniel Mellor

Taking my rehabilitation even further, the team at Kingfisher Court was generous and helpful, taking risks positively and encouraging my sailing, even when I think they perhaps didn’t entirely understand what attracted me about being out in the wet and the cold.

Care Home Professional

The former service man started sailing with the foundation two years ago, at which time he could barely stand un-assisted, whilst walking the length of a 23-foot-long boat left him exhausted. But Ian’s passion for sailing remained 

 Adele Bouchard

Boatshed blogging:

I blog regularly for Boatshed, the amazing boat broker who assisted with my purchase of Trilleen.

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